About me.u

The name me.u was derived from the idea of me & you, which denotes the close relationship between the designer and the client. A lot of me.u designs are one-off pieces and are usually distinct to the client's style.

me.u main website is at www.me-u.net

About the designer

Jennifer is the designer behind me.u. She graduated with 1st Class Honour from RMIT BA Textile Design (Hons) course with a major in knitted textiles. During her 3rd year, she developed a range of experimental knitted textile through the use
of monofilament yarns and PVA, which was then developed into a garment. The garment won the Avant Garde Section in World of Wearable Art Competition that year and is currently part of the permanent collection in the museum in Nelson, New Zealand. Again during her final year, she was awarded the DIA Student Encouragement Award for her outstanding final year project, producing another range of knitted textiles that challenged the idea of conventional knitting.

Keeping true to her interest in challenging the application of textile design and the blending of techniques with other disciplines she created me.u in 2007, to explore the possibilities of the accessory. Currently pursuing her postgraduate by research, she is hoping that she'll make a little mark in this big world a little step at a time ...